• ESFR Sprinkler system with a central water supply point;
  • DC 8 – DC 10 Smooth concrete floor, super smooth in accordance with DIN 15.185;
  • Floor load 6,000 kg/m², shipping area 2,500 kg/m²;
  • The point load underneath the shelving amounts to 72 kN;
  • Concrete loading space;
  • Free height 12.20 meters;
  • Hydraulic dock levelers (8 tons), electrical operation;
  • Minimum of 1 dock per 800 m²;
  • Electric overhead doors on each loading dock;
  • Dock shelter with bumpers and wheel guidance;
  • Electrically operated overhead doors on ground level 4,000 mm x 4,500 mm;
  • Fire hose reels, in compliance with the requirements set by the fire department;
  • Evacuation installation;
  • Connection points for battery chargers;
  • 230v and 400v power connections;
  • LED lighting, average of 250 lux, 1 meter above floor surface;
  • Motion detector per hallway zone;
  • Floor heating (minimum room temperature 5 °C);
  • Without gas, heating by heat pump;
  • Sanitary facilities.



  • Smooth finished floors in the offices;
  • VRF climate system 21ºC (air-conditioning);
  • Without gas, heating/cooling by heat pump;
  • Mechanical ventilation system with WTW unit;
  • Ceiling system equipped with integrated LED-lighting(500 lux);
  • Cable ducts for data, phone and internet;
  • Toilet facilities on both floors;
  • Plaster walls;
  • Pantry on both floors.


Outer side

  • Brick pavement;
  • Site is closed-off by a 2-meter-high double rod fencing;
  • Connection point for rechargeable electric cars (2 connections);
  • Ample parking spaces for passenger cars;
  • Closable electric access gates;
  • Exterior lighting;
  • Sewer system.


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